Webinar: Healthy Choices for School Children: Getting the Junk Foods Out of Schools

June 13, 2011

The Healthy Hunger Free
Kids Act requires USDA to issue healthy nutrition standards for all foods sold
in schools.  The Act gives USDA the power to eliminate the unhealthy foods
in vending machines, snack bars, “a la carte” lines in cafeterias, and other
foods sold outside of the federally-reimbursed school meals.

In this webinar:
•    Learn about USDA’s plans, process and timeline for the
healthy foods in school rule;
•    Share your recommendations for the nutrition standards and
enforcement necessary to make the new school regulations a success;
•    Discover new research findings on the positive impact of
“competitive” food standards; and
•    Identify action steps, tools, and resources that will be
useful in continuing to advocate for healthy foods in schools now