Webinar: Integrating the Arts Across the Curriculum

July 11, 2011

Many arts advocates suggest integrating dance, music, theater, and
visual arts across the curriculum holds great promise to enhance student
learning—and revitalize the arts in public schools. Although not a new idea, teaching “through” the arts appears to be
gaining a stronger foothold, proponents say. Examples span the country
and content areas. Take dance, where the art form has been used in a
Baltimore County, Md., school to help teach scientific concepts like
photosynthesis, and in suburban Minneapolis to bring the Underground
Railroad to life.

A White House advisory panel recently made the case for
“reinvesting” in arts education and drew special attention to arts
integration, suggesting that it can boost student motivation and provide
both academic and social benefits.  This webinar will explore the potential of bringing together the
arts with other subjects in a mutual learning experience and point to
promising examples, as well as the challenges to ensure that such
efforts achieve their academic goals.  Register below.