Webinar: Making the Most of Public Service Internships

March 21, 2014

You’re invited to attend a webinar on“Making the Most of Public Service Internships” on Tuesday, March 25th. This interactive webinar will raise awareness of public service internships and offer suggestions for how to make the most of these important opportunities. Participants will learn about experiences firsthand from federal employees and prior interns.  

Many federally-funded internships exist to expose young people to public service and provide opportunities for skill-building and networking. Participants will learn from federal employees and young interns with firsthand experience about the following:

  1. The purpose and types of internships offered by the Federal government, including opportunities within the Federal government and opportunities outside the Federal government (e.g., AmeriCorps)
  2. Tips for how to prepare for internships and, once selected, how to make the most of the experience
  3. The importance of quality internships for positive youth development
  4. Where to find up-to-date information about internship opportunities within the Federal government

Learn more and register for the webinar today at engage.findyouthinfo.gov/node/50289.