Webinar: Racial Equity and Community Engagement in Collective Impact

May 7, 2015

How do you apply a racial equity lens to working with communities in collective impact?

Tackling racial inequalities head on is critical to dramatically improving results for low-income people. As a starting point, equitable collaboration with people of color is critical to ensure that social change efforts are informed by the lived experience of the communities they seek to benefit. Our webinar explored this aspect of applying a racial equity lens to collective impact work: how to ensure that community residents influence the design and direction of collective impact initiatives. While advancing racial equity will take more than just bringing community members to the collective impact table, it’s an important step toward achieving dramatically better results for low-income people, especially people of color.


Junious Williams, CEO of Urban Strategies Council

Dr. Frank Mirabal, Director of Collective Impact, Office of Mayor Richard Berry, City of Albuquerque

Kirsten Wysen, Initiative Director, Public Health-Seattle & King County

Nia Baucke, Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator, Strive Partnership