Webinar Series: Great Principals Talk About Getting It Done

March 8, 2012

Are the leaders of high-performing and rapidly improving high-poverty and high-minority schools superheroes? If so, we can safely ignore them because who really aspires to superhero-hood? But maybe they know some things and do some things that the rest of us should understand and could emulate. 

Explore this question in a fascinating series of webinars focused on the crucial role that school leaders play in making sure our most vulnerable children learn to high levels. Webinars are free.  Past webinars link to a free archived recording of the event.  


Bringing it All Together
March 21, 2012,  4:00 EST

Being a school leader is difficult, complicated work. But both research and on-the-ground experience demonstrate that they can also successfully help all students to learn at high levels when they do the right things to organize instruction, help teachers improve, manage the building to ensure high academic achievement, and build a culture and climate of achievement. In this webinar, Karin Chenoweth and Christina Theokas will talk with Jody Spiro and Molly Bensinger-Lacy to bring together findings from research and experience to help us think about school leadership through a new lens.


Getting It Done: Leading Academic Success in Unexpected Schools
Recorded October 20, 2011

What kind of people lead high-performing high-poverty and high minority schools? The short answer is: people who know what they’re doing. But what does that mean?

Building on foundational research that has established the importance of school leaders, Karin Chenoweth and Christina Theokas’s new book, Getting It Done: Leading Academic Success in Unexpected Schools, helps educators understand the beliefs, behaviors, and practices of highly successful leaders. In this webinar, Chenoweth and Theokas will give an overview of their findings and lay out the topics of subsequent webinars in this series.

The Really Tough Stuff - Creating a Culture and Climate of High Expectations
Recorded December 8, 2011

Low-performing schools are often demoralized places, dominated by low expectations and incapable of the collegiality and collective decision making required for high achievement. So how can school leaders build a climate and culture of high expectations and efficacy? In this webinar, school leaders talk with Karin Chenoweth and Christina Theokas about how they led their schools from demoralization to a culture of achievement.

Everyone Says Principals Need to be Instructional Leaders - But What Does That Mean? (Part 1) Principals as Organizers of Instruction
Recorded January 12, 2012

National policy conversations focus on whether our best and most highly effective teachers teach our most vulnerable children. But educators have always known that great teachers aren’t born great. They need the right kinds of knowledge and experience to become great.  In this webinar, three highly successful school leaders will talk with Karin Chenoweth and Christina Theokas about how they know whether someone has “the right stuff” to be a good teacher and then how they help him or her get there.

Everyone Says Principals Need to be Instructional Leaders (part 2)
Recorded January 26, 2012

Managing the Building to Ensure High Academic Achievement
February 16, 2012, 4:00 PM EST

It’s all very well to say that principals need to be “instructional leaders,” but fitting that in is difficult with all the other things principals need to do--from making sure students are safe to building master schedules and filing state-required school improvement plans. In this webinar, principals of highly successful high-poverty and high-minority schools will talk with Karin Chenoweth and Christina Theokas about how to keep focused on instruction even while handling what could be thought to be routine administrative chores.