Who's Doing What That Works: Readers' Choice Stories

October 17, 2007

CA 360This week, our partner Child Advocacy 360 brings you "Readers' Choice Stories," in which readers vote with their eyes, clicks and emails on the best of Who's Doing What That Works.

Real People, Real Results in Foster Care
"Had it not been for them, I honestly don't know what would have happened," Sandra Elders says about the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. The support facility helped the now 30-year-old mother maintain her sanity and preserve the safety of her two young boys during a difficult divorce.
CA 360
A growing network of about a dozen crisis nurseries across Missouri is helping solve issues for parents who might physically harm their children—and state data suggesets the approach is working. Some 99 percent of children served by the program do not enter the child welfare system.

That's what we mean by Real People, Real Results.

This and the other "Readers' Choice Stories" exemplify the CA 360 perspective: The unsung heroes in child advocacy are to be found on the local turf, community by community, where the multiplier effect in saving or losing children is huge.

The stories below are, in every sense, community-based interventions that have rescued children of all ages, including those who have "aged out" of foster care. Click through to the quantitative results. See how many times and how many children benefit.

CA 360 Readers' Choice Stories for October 2007:

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