Why Implicit Bias Matters for Youth Justice

October 23, 2017

Bias against youth of color has deep historical roots in this country with over-representation of black youth and disparities in treatment originating with the first juvenile court's inception. Disparate treatment of youth of color is no doubt impacted by the racism that continues to infect our society -- most recently and glaringly represented by the August 2017 demonstration by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.  

While explicit and structural racism contribute to the widespread racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice systems across the country, a more insidious contributor to this problem is that of implicit bias.  

Read our latest snapshot to see a brief overview of the following:

·         What is Implicit Bias

·         Distorted Perceptions of Youth of Color

·         How Implicit Bias Impacts the Justice System

·         What Can Policy Advocates Do