Youth Development, Community Change: A Guide

December 18, 2001

What is youth action? What roles do community development organizations play in supporting youth action? What examples do we have of efforts that blend youth development and community building? What does it take to support young changemakers? What real evidence is there that young people can and do have a positive impact on their communities? What about changes beyond the community, where young people are transforming nations and societies?

This report from the from the Forum for Youth Investment remains an important resource for anyone who has struggled with these basic questions. The Forum, with the support of the Ford Foundation, worked with advisors, partners, friends and members of the International Learning Group on Youth and Community Development. The results: a renewed conviction that youth action is the next, most powerful iteration of the youth development approach — and set of publications Youth Development, Community Change that pulling together lessons from this work.

Youth Development, Community Change features case studies, international lessons, new frameworks, youth and practitioner voices, and a variety of other resources focused squarely on the role of young people as agents of change in their communities, countries and internationally. It includes the seven volumes of the Community & Development Series, seven issues of the International Insights on Youth and Communities newsletter, an annotated bibliography and a guide to the content of this collection of publications.

Check out the series or jump right to the PDF of Youth Development and Community Change: A Guide to Documents and Tools Developed Through the Forum's Ford Foundation-Funded Projects 1997–2001 at the link below.