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The continuing success of effective juvenile crime prevention and deterrence depends on Congress strengthening the provisions of the JJDPA and providing the resources needed for states and...

The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council is a bi-partisan, youth-led initiative, to establish a Presidential Youth Council, comprised of young Americans ages 16-24, to advise the President on...

What if we could ensure that every young person has the abilities, skills and mindset to be ready for life's opportunities and challenges?

Challenges & Solutions Facing First-Generation College Students


In the U.S., one in six young people ages 16 to 24 are not in school and are unemployed. This has tremendous consequences for these youth and their families--and for our nation as a whole.


In support of this year's ...

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RT : “Prisons are not designed to do anything to help men, young or old, learn what it means to be a good role model, a good parent. Our society wants to believe prisons are meant to rehabilitate, but they fail to do that.”


RT : For , check out this series from on fatherhood & incarceration. In this piece, Efren Paredes, Jr. shares about a program allowing incarcerated parents to spend a day w/ their children. "I was becoming a real, whole person to her." https://t.co/tmhSSMZlqK

RT : Happy from to all fathers! Particularly to the incarcerated fathers in the system.