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The JJDPA is the main federal juvenile justice law that protects kids and promotes safe communities. It is more than 10 years overdue for Congressional reauthorization. The continuing success of effective state juvenile justice approaches depends on Congress passing the JJDPA and fully funding it.

Congress is closer than ever to getting this done: both the House and Senate have passed bipartisan updates to the law. It's time to take the final step and pass this crucial legislation.

Why the jjdpa matters

The JJDPA is the main federal juvenile justice law. It protects kids and promotes safe communities. JJDPA funding has been cut significantly over the last decade.

The JJDPA is the only federal law that sets national standards for the treatment of youth involved in juvenile justice systems. In the 40 years since it was first enacted into law, the JJDPA has enabled significant improvements to juvenile justice, including reducing youth crime rates and supporting many states in creating fairer approaches that help youth stay connected to their communities and get back on track.


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May 2019: Tell Congress to Fund Justice Programs

As Congress makes decisions for the Fiscal Year 2020 appropriations, please take a minute to urge your elected officials to fully fund justice programs (our alert is safe and easy to use!).

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What's in the Law & What's Next?

Check out the short summary of the JJDPA and how you can stay involved as the law takes effect.

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Call Your Leadership: Tell Them It's Time to Pass the JJDPA. Let's Get This Done.

The JJDPA sets standards and protections for youth in state juvenile justice programs, and it's back on the table in 2017. The bill passed the House in May, now it's time for the Senate to act.

What you can do: Use the alert below to call your Senators to action. All you need is two minutes, your basic information and we'll get you to your elected officials. We'll even provide talking points.




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