#MyOpportunity Video Series: Your Story Can Make a Difference

April 2, 2018


Have you been involved in a program that helped you reconnect to opportunity? We would love to hear about it!

The newly launched Reconnecting Youth Campaign: Unleashing Limitless Potential is calling on the federal government to invest in Opportunity Youth programs that work, and expand them to reach one million young people per year. To do this effectively, we need stories from people who have experienced these programs themselves. That means you!


  1. Review the "Guide to submitting a video" below
  2. Take a quick video highlighting the areas in the "What Should I Share" section 
  3. Submit your video here: Video Submission Form

Have questions, or need help sharing your video from your phone? Email Caitlin Kawaguchi: caitlink@sparkaction.org.


What are we looking for?

Your "point of opportunity." How a program you were involved in impacted you and your trajectory, when you were roughly between the ages of 16 and 24.

Why a video?

We want to quickly share with people why these programs matter, through the experiences of those who know them best and who have been directly impacted by them. We will share these on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

How long should my video be?

Not long at all! 30-60 seconds would be perfect.

What programs are you looking to highlight?

Here is a list of the programs we especially want to highlight:

  • Adult Secondary Education
  • AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps
  • AmeriCorps State/National
  • Chafee Education and Training Vouchers
  • Job Corps
  • National Guard Challenge
  • Re-Entry Employment Opportunities
  • Service and Conservation Corps
  • WIOA Youth Activities
  • YouthBuild

What should I share?

  • Your name, age, and location.
  • The full name of the program you participated in.
  • A couple of sentences about the program itself and what you did in it.
  • A couple of sentences about what the program meant to you, and/or how it impacted your life.
  • What type of skills do you feel like you gained as a a result of the program? How will these skills help you achieve your goals?
  • Please end your video by saying: "Congress, give people more access to the opportunities they need. Support the Reconnecting Youth Campaign."

We look forward to seeing your entries! For help, contact caitlink@sparkaction.org.


  1. Download the Google Drive or Youtube app, and when you go to your photos, click the "share" button below the photo.
  2. In the list of options of ways to share the video, select either Google drive or Youtube.
  3. Follow instructions to upload video, then copy the link, and include in this form to submit your video.

Learn more about the Reconnecting Youth Campaign.