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About the readiness project

The Readiness Project is a collaborative campaign to address the inequities that keep particular groups of young people from being ready for life’s responsibilities and opportunities. It offers stories, research, tools and ways get involved to ensure that every young person has the right to be ready. It is a project of the Forum for Youth Investment, powered by SparkAction.

The Readiness Project is youth-centered and research-based. It represents the Forum for Youth Investment’s commitment to shining a spotlight on the common traps in youth systems and settings that contribute to growing gaps in young people’s readiness, and advancing cross-system and -sector commitments to name and nurture the abilities and practices that get young people ready.

We began by synthesizing and naming the readiness traps, the often unintended barriers that disproportionately limit pathways forward for some young people, fueling growing readiness gaps.

Next, we worked with partners to develop shared maps of the abilities, skIllsets, and mindsets that all young people need, and the readiness practices that must be in place everywhere youth spend their time. Our goal was to help everyone with a stake in readiness understand their role in changing the conditions so that readiness is a right. In these pages, we invite you to explore this work and research.

Hear from the Readiness Project co-founder Stephanie Malia Krauss:

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