Embedding Youth Development in Schools: A Readiness Roundtable

August 1, 2015

On July 31, 2015 Karen Pittman and Michele Cahill, friends and fellow trailblazers in the field of youth work, sat down for an audio "roundtable" on how integrating youth development practices and design thinking can transform schools and learning. It was an inspiring discussion with lots of online activity!

Karen Pittman
Karen Pittman
Michele Cahill
Michele Cahill

Karen Pittman is co-founder and CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment. Michele Cahill is a Distinguished Fellow in Education and Youth Development at the National Center for Civic Innovation. She is one of the principal architects of New York City's redesigned high schools;  while at the Carnegie Corporation, she funded some of the country's most innovative high school reform initiatives.

Karen and Michele co-founded the Center for Youth Development and Policy Research in 1990 and have been working to get systems ready for students ever since. 


More than 700 people registered to receive the link for the audiocall, and over 300 people tuned in.

 Listen to the discussion:



Readiness and Schools: Filling the Traps and Closing the Gaps

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