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How Can We Meet the President's Goal of Leading the World in College Completion by 2020?

For too long, our national dialogue on public education has locked out those who stand to gain and lose the most and who know the issues first-hand—students themselves.

Not anymore. In February 2011, the U.S. Department of Education hosted a National Youth Summit to hear from a diverse group of 300 students from across the country.

It was a rare event that was both genuinely grassroots and involved the leaders in charge of our nation's education policy. It brought youth and senior staff together for a real dialogue on what has to happen to achieve the President's 2020 goal.

But it doesn't stop there. Let's not make this a one-time event that energized people but soon fades into memory. Let's build on the momentum of the day, and take the momentum, stories and innovations forward into our communities, into our schools and into the agendas of our public officials.

This space is your space. Use it to share ideas, tools, stories and questions. Share your experiences and your aspirations for schools and education. Sound off, debate, question. Most of all: stay involved.



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SparkBlog | Voices in Action 2011: A “Summit Sampler”

ALISONby Alison Beth Waldman, SparkAction intern

Saturday, 7:30 AM: I’m standing, bleary-eyed, in Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium watching what seems an unlikely group at work: rappers warm up on stage, graffiti artists set up their work, slam poets pace and practice—while White House representatives and the man in charge of U.S. public education take one last run through their event checklists... (read more)




Video | My Education, Our Future: Scenes from the Mobilize.org Target 2020 Summit

IMAGE2The chief barrier to success in work and life is no longer access to college but completion—with credentials that mean something in the workforce. So what stands in the way of completing college? Who better to answer that than students themselves. Mobilize.org brought together community college students from across North Carolina to discuss the main barriers they face and how to address them. This video shares their voices and ideas for change.



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