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No matter what area you care most about, consider this: Children, teens and communities thrive when we recognize that development cuts across domains, settings, and disciplines. It's all related—a family's struggle with finances can affect a child's health; what a teen does after school has a big impact on how well he or she learns, and several longitudinal studies show that when states invest in early learning, they spend less in special education and juvenile justice services.

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Before All Hope Is Lost

March 27, 2006
Adam McKibbin

Voices from the Other Side of Foster Care

May 22, 2006
Philneia Timmons

America's Broken Bootstraps

July 17, 2006
Leanne Shear

A Feminist Home on the Web

September 11, 2006
Gary Moskowitz

Working It, As a Social Justice Journalist

October 25, 2006
Celina De Leon

The Rise of the New South

December 11, 2006
Jaribu Hill

The Most Important Resolution for 2006

January 2, 2006
M. Junaid Alam

The Human Cost of Diamonds

February 14, 2006
Justin Warren

The Birth of a New Generation of Activists

April 13, 2006
Nawal Arinji, Karla Cano, Caroline Leopold

The Sweatshop Stops Here

June 12, 2006
Peter Dreier, Richard Appelbaum
0-11 of 227