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Each month leading up to the 40th anniversary of the landmark Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) in September, member organizations of the Act4JJ Campaign will blog on aspects of the JJDPA and why it matters.

JJDPA at a Glance

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  • JJDPA is the main federal juvenile justice law
  • JJDPA protects kids and promotes safe communities
  • JJDPA funding has been cut significantly over the last decade

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Blog Posts to Date

Education Workforce Hearing
by Abby McNeal and Ellen Richet   |   03/20/2017
by Cortney Lovell   |   03/16/2017
by   |   11/07/2016
Quick shareables to activate your networks on Nov. 15, 2016.
by Bonnie Bee   |   10/10/2016
October is a month of change --  in many parts of the country, the leaves are changing and days are getting shorter. Fitting then, that this year, Youth Justice Awareness Month is changing to Youth Justice ACTION Month. 
by   |   10/03/2016
The top ten reasons Congress should act to reauthorize this critical law today—some of these may surprise you.
by   |   09/23/2016
On Sept. 22, the U.S. House of Representatives passed what might be "the most significant justice reform measure to reach Obama in his tenure," according to juvenile justice advocates.
by   |   09/12/2016
A bipartisan bill to reform and reauthorize the JJDPA, and help states improve juvenile justice programs may move in the House; if passed, it would strengthen prevention and rehabilitation support for at-risk youth and juvenile offenders.
by Karen J. Pittman   |   08/09/2016
A lively discussion on what we know – and what we’re doing with that knowledge – about juvenile justice, with Karen Pittman of the Forum for Youth Investment, Shay Bilchik of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and and Steve Michael with the Iowa Department of Human Rights.
by Janaisa Walker   |   07/05/2016
First-generation college student Steven Pacheco spent a year in prison but rather than be derailed, he is now hard at work researching and advocating to improve our justice system. He shares his journey with us.
by Ruben Austria   |   05/23/2016
Rev. Rubén Austria on the less obvious ways our nation's approach to juvenile justice is influencing our communities.
by Naomi Smoot   |   05/19/2016
With less than 100 days remaining on the 114th Congress’ legislative calendar, time is running out for Congress to come together to protect our children and our communities with the passage of S.1169 for JJDPA reauthorization. 
by Jill Ward   |   05/17/2016
On Wednesday, May 18th, appropriators in the House of Representatives will meet to work on the House proposal and we encourage them to follow the lead of their Senate colleagues and ensure the law is adequately funded. 
by   |   04/25/2016
Coalition Leaders Applaud Senate Appropriations Committee for Sending Strong Message of Support for Federal Funding of Critical Juvenile Justice Programs
jjdpa youth
by Anne-Lise Vray   |   04/21/2016
Years of research have shown that incarcerating a child for a status offense creates trauma and can increase the likelihood of future risky or even criminal behavior. Legislators, young leaders, and advocates came together to call on Congress to reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention act (JJDPA).
by Anne-Lise Vray   |   03/07/2016
The Youth First Initiative  released a national poll showing that across the political spectrum, Americans believe that the youth justice system is in need of  reform.
by   |   03/02/2016
Earlier this month, President Obama and his Administration released its Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) budget plan and it had some good news for children and youth.  
by Starcia Ague   |   02/16/2016
With the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA)— stalling in the Senate, Starcie Ague of the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice, shares recommendations and calls on the U.S. Senate to reauthorize the JJDPA.