Our Mission

SparkAction is the Forum for Youth Investment’s social impact and storytelling collective dedicated to building a more equitable future for rising generations.

We connect young people and their allies to innovative tools and resources that empower them to mobilize action. We create and deploy digital strategies to accelerate the impact of our partners, equipping them to organize, advocate, and usher in meaningful change. We track movement-wide data and trends, connect diverse ideas, and surface compelling stories to power young changemakers in realizing their vision for a better future.

We operate with the belief that young people are the leaders of today, not just tomorrow.

Our Mission

To center the voices of young people and ensure their participation in decisions that affect them.

Our Vision

To build an equitable future for rising generations.

Our Values

Amplify the impact of others.

We play well with others, striving to vitalize and fortify the efforts of our colleagues, partners, collaborators, and equity-seeking allies.

Move fast and problem-solve.

We figure out solutions with urgency and focus, being mindful to reflect, try things out, and optimize in stride.

Practice steadfast, agile resiliency.

We exercise confidence and flexibility, anticipating and adjusting for changes along the way.

Persist through the “here” and aim for the horizon.

We meet others where they are, filling immediate needs while keeping our eyes on what’s possible.

Make progress visible.

We normalize the ideal upward movement of society – conducting ourselves as though we’re citizens of the better world we’re working to create.

Find the signal by using the noise.

We embrace complexity as an imperative that uncovers new ideas, connections, and clarity.

Welcome uncertainty.

We let ourselves be guided by “why?” and “why not?” – continuously asking questions, learning new things, and embracing a beginner’s mindset.