Storytelling for Social Change: A Guide

What makes a good story? How do you engage audiences? How can stories lead to the change we need?

Working Narratives, a nonpartisan social justice organization dedicated to empowering communities to address issues that affect their lives and advance social justice and equity, has a great toolkit, “Storytelling and Social Change” available in two different formats.

  • The ONLINE version has complete links to videos, articles and stories mentioned in the guide. Share the whole guide or individual chapters by email and social media.
  • The PDF version has everything in one easy-to-read document. First, sign up here. Then, you can download the PDF.

The guide is fun, clear and packed with guidance to help you develop a strategy for your work, and learn how to tell great stories in any format and engage audiences. It looks at some of the methods used in using stories to spark social change, and ideas for piggybacking on pop culture to expand whose stories are heard.

Here’s an intro video about the Guide, from its author, Paul Vandecarr: