Shifting Power: Join the #YouthInGov Movement


The March 11th Day of Action was powerful! And just the beginning. Join the #YouthInGov youth-led coalition. Young people deserve a real voice in our government. It’s time to listen.

Youth have always been at the forefront of successful movements for fairness and equality, and cultural transformation. Our time is no different, and our challenges demand our action. Young people—specifically BIPOC youth—turned out in record-breaking numbers in the last election.

Now, over a dozen youth-led organizations have signed onto a memo asking the Biden-Harris administration to build an Office of Young Americans, appoint a Director of Youth Engagement, and authentically engage young people in official administration positions.

Young people shifted our power from the streets to the polls. Now, we’re claiming our power in government by taking our seat at the table.

Young people shifted our power from the streets to the polls. Now, we’re claiming our power in government by taking our seat at the table. This is a critical moment for authentic youth engagement in the federal government.

Get Involved

First, sign on to the #YouthInGov campaign.

Today and every day, add your voice and your power to the #YouthInGov movement. Here are some ideas:

  • Record and post a video with one of your organization’s leaders
  • Do an Instagram Live stream (it can be a discussion from two people in your community about #YouthInGov, and how having young people empowered across government would push forward your issue area)
  • Ask your community for quotes on the importance of youth engagement to share on social media and email
  • Ask your community to finish the prompt: “If I were at the table (as a decisionmaker in federal government)…”
  • Ask your community to answer these questions:
    • What would it mean for your future for the administration to actually center young people, and our issues, across the federal government?
    • Why is *now* an important time for the administration to listen to young people?
    • If you were at the federal policymaking table, what would you ask the administration to do?

You can also connect with the youth-led organizations powering this Day of Action and the movement. 

About #YouthInGov

As a new administration enters the White House, it’s time to open the door for young people in government.

#YouthInGov is a collaboration of youth-led organizations across the nation seeking meaningful action to advance young people’s representation across the federal government.

In their first 100 days, we’re calling on the Biden-Harris administration to:

  1. Incorporate a role for youth procurement in the Presidential Personnel Office to lay the foundation for hiring young people across government.
  2. Develop an Interagency Young Americans Working Group for coordinated and efficient youth engagement.
  3. Establish an Office of Young Americans to include youth in federal spaces.

Here are some of the organizations behind this movement: